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Our opportunities

Warehouses at the territory of 1,59 hectares

Number of workers of different skills – more than 800 people

Number of simultaniousely carried out reconstruction and construction projects- at about 45

СOwn bases of mechanisation and transport providing :

  • Resources of big mechanisation - 43 units
  • Resources of transportСредства provision - 48 units


Additional services – the service of specialised subdivisions and own production :

  • Аrchitecture and Design Bureau
  • Project-constructors group
  • Joiner workshop
  • Blacksmith workshop
  • Workshop producing metal constuctions
  • Workshop producing metal-plastic and aluminium constructions


Specialised subdivisions:

  • The plot of exclusive repair of residential and office buildings
  • Electrotechnical and start and adjustment plot
  • Plumbing plot
  • Facade plot
  • Roofing plot


The centre of building complectation

Geography of services provided – all over Ukraine !!!